Family houses

The IZOBLOK system is suitable for quick and cheap construction of family houses. Due to the material from which the blocks are made, your building will have excellent thermal and sound insulation, also nonflammability and resistance to poor weather conditions and lower material consumption than with traditional masonry buildings. IZOBLOK blocks are made of wood-cement that is very environmentally friendly. Moreover, construction with IZOBLOK blocks is very fast and simple.

Utilised products:



Great insulation of heat

Great insulation of heat

The excellent thermal properties of IZOBLOK provide a layer of insulation that is already installed in the brickwork during production. Thus, the insulation protects four centimetres of wood-cement material from mechanical damage and weathering. You do not have to retrograde the construction.


The insulating layer inside the IZOBLOK blocks is regularly interrupted by connecting ribs, which allow water vapor to flow out of the interior, remove excess moisture and prevent moulds. So, the building breathes so much, and living in IZOBLOK houses is healthier.


IZOBLOK saving nature. In addition to cement and water, we use wood chips to produce blocks as a waste material for wood processing. Because IZOBLOK is considerably lighter compared to other building materials, it also reduces the environmental load during transport, and we also supply it without pallets and plastic foils.


How does it work?

The construction wall parts are very environmentally friendly, namely both during production and the actual construction. Transport is minimised due to the low weight of the blocks that are transported without pallets and packing foils.

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