Civic construction

The IZOBLOK system is suitable for the construction of many types of structures. Because buildings for civic amenities are often financed from the public budget, these indicators may be especially decisive: low purchasing costs, heating savings, simple and quick construction, pleasant climate and excellent sound insulation, which is especially required in municipal housing. Due to its properties, IZOBLOK meets all these parameters perfectly. It is also successfully used when building acoustic barriers near busy roads.

Utilised products:



Great insulation of heat

Great insulation of heat

The excellent thermal properties of IZOBLOK provide a layer of insulation that is already installed in the brickwork during production. Thus, the insulation protects four centimetres of wood-cement material from mechanical damage and weathering. You do not have to retrograde the construction.


Buildings from IZOBLOK are very stable. With the use of wood-cement blocks, which serve as lost formwork, there is no need to use the fitting. You can cut up to the second floor only with IZOBLOK and concrete. When building high-rise buildings, you will also appreciate the low weight of blocks.
Fire resistance

Fire resistance

IZOBLOK blocks have excellent fire performance. The wood-cement material from which it is made is non-flammable. It meets the strict requirements of fire safety in the construction of family and apartment buildings and commercial buildings.


How does it work?

The construction wall parts are very environmentally friendly, namely both during production and the actual construction. Transport is minimised due to the low weight of the blocks that are transported without pallets and packing foils.

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