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We are a Czech manufacturer of IZOBLOK wood-cement blocks and we are fully aware of the fact that a correctly designed project is key for user satisfaction.
Therefore, we strive for the best possible cooperation with the designers during the creation of projects for any structure.

Within the scope of this cooperation, we offer designers:

  • Cooperation during design processing – based on your data, our specialised team processes a draft of the technical solution of the construction or details according to your assignment within the shortest possible time.
  • Structural analysis of the designed structure – we cooperate with structural engineers who have extensive experience with the IZOBLOK system and we will gladly connect you to them concerning the structural analysis of the designed structure.
  • Cooperation during design justification – we are ready in any phase of the project or negotiation with the investor to support the solution presented by you in the form of acquisition directly in the company. The goal will be to familiarise the customer with the proposed design and to dispel any doubts in an open discussion.
  • Share in the business success – it is a matter of course for us to appreciate the contribution of everybody who participates in the business application of the IZOBLOK system. We are aware of the demanding activity of the designer, which is often undervalued. With us, you will have a title to the corresponding mediating commission from every implemented case. We will gladly advise you of more specific conditions in person.



For many years, we have been offering beneficial conditions to many significant developers who work in residential, office, and industrial construction.

Within the scope of the cooperation, we offer developers:

  • Assistance when seeking a suitable designer for your intended project – we cooperate with many designers and architectural offices that have extensive experience with the IZOBLOK system and will gladly implement your project into reality.
  • Calculation of the financial savings when implementing a construction using the IZOBLOK system – due to the fast walling, the economy of the built area, and other features of the IZOBLOK system, you can save a lot of money that we can calculate for you including finished projects designed using other systems.
  • We will secure a quality construction company – we will recommend several construction companies to you that have extensive experience with the IZOBLOK system and from which you will be able to choose the one that will be the most suitable for your project.
  • Service throughout the project – we will be there to help you from the initial preparation of the project up to the completion of the construction. Our professional team will assist the designers, the construction company, and anybody else who will need our assistance.


Construction firms

Every construction requires a professional attitude so that the project is successfully completed with top quality. Therefore, we secure the maximum service for every construction company that starts with or is already working with the IZOBLOK system.

Within the scope of the cooperation, we offer to the construction companies:

  • Construction foundations – our professional team will help you during the implementation of any project. We will train your people in walling using the IZOBLOK system free of charge and assist during the construction foundations and throughout the construction.
  • Training – we organise annual training in the IZOBLOK system in our company and/or at the construction sites where we teach you how to work with the IZOBLOK system as best and as effectively as possible.
  • Block calculation – for all projects, we will calculate the number of blocks (regular and corner) for you free of charge and also recommend the simplest solution for the construction details.
  • We will secure transport – we will deliver the IZOBLOK blocks to the construction site exactly when you need them. We have our own transport that ensures timely delivery. Transport by truck is free within the Czech Republic!
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