Construction wall parts

Wood-cement blocks are large-format wall parts designed for dry walling and meet all the requirements for modern construction.

The positive properties of wood used in production and the technological procedures that eliminate any negative properties guarantee the excellent technical parameters of the walls.

Mixing the mineralised pine chips, cement, and water produces a wood-concrete, which is shaped in the steel mould on the vibro-press into a cavity block. This results in the exact shape after milling and serves as sacrificial formwork for filler concrete and as a carrier for the inserted thermal insulation and plasters. Despite its size, it is lightfrost-resistant and flame-resistant.

The construction wall parts are very environmentally friendly namely both during the production and the actual construction. Transport costs are minimised due to the low weight of the blocks that are transported without pallets and packing foils. The construction materials needed for the wall fabric is limited only to the blocks, concrete, and a small quantity for reinforcement. The construction system for assembling two types of blocks (basic and corner) "dry" without any connecting or stabilising elements and concreting is very quick and simple.

The construction wall parts of wood-cement are suitable for building any construction structure, from family houses through to low-energy apartment housesindustrial structures and civic amenities buildings. They are also a major component when building noise barriers near roads and railways.

Significant time and cost savings have been proven when building dozens of structures across the whole of the Czech Republic and abroad.

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