Industrial buildings

IZOBLOK is suitable wherever you value speed, simplicity, and functionality during construction for reasonable costs. It is an excellent fit for the construction of new company headquarters, production premises, and showrooms. An indispensable requirement when building industrial buildings is also the subsequent economy of the structure; therefore, we recommend utilising IZOBLOK that has excellent fire-stopping properties. A layer of thermal insulation forms part of the blocks, making additional heat insulation unnecessary.

Utilised products:



Reduces external noise

Reduces external noise

The wood-cement material of the blocks has excellent sound properties. IZOBLOK dramatically reduces the level of sound penetrating into the building from the outside, helping to create a relaxed atmosphere in the apartment and common areas of apartment buildings.
Fire resistance

Fire resistance

IZOBLOK blocks have excellent fire performance. The wood-cement material from which it is made is non-flammable. It meets the strict requirements of fire safety in the construction of family and apartment buildings and commercial buildings.


Both against low and high temperatures, sunlight, humidity and winter. These features have IZOBLOK despite its low weight, making it easier and easier to build. The surface of the blocks is flat and coarse, therefore it forms an excellent foundation for plaster.


How does it work?

The construction wall parts are very environmentally friendly, namely both during production and the actual construction. Transport is minimised due to the low weight of the blocks that are transported without pallets and packing foils.

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